Corporate Archives

Omerta Syndicate Neocom Journal

In this in-character journal you will find diary entries, combat reports, personal confessions, and other documents from the PC pilot employees of Omerta Syndicate. Guests without proper security clearance won’t be allowed to view everything, but here you will get a good glimpse of what it means to be Caldari inside the Omerta Syndicate.

If you are a roleplayer in the EVE Online universe, please treat these journals as out of character knowledge. Most of them are private diary entries and the like. We will try to update this journal at least once a week.

Omerta Syndicate Library

The Omerta Syndicate library contains a little bit of everything, but mostly short stories written by our members. Most, but not all, of the works involve Omerta characters. The link will take you to our forums.

Omerta Syndicate Character Portraits

We are trying to gather a collection of artwork that depicts Omerta employees. So far we have three very beautiful illustrations done by Anders Bierberg Hald. Hopefully we will have more portraits to share in the future. This link will also take you to our forums.