About The Syndicate

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Omerta Syndicate is a Caldari-led biotech firm operating in the region of Fountain, specializing in PC pilot enhancements such as combat boosters and neural hardwirings. The corporation's decentralization of assets and attention to detail when it comes to security is of interest to analysts, some of whom have attributed their methods to the president's rumored paranoia. Their pod pilot contingent is tightly knit, consisting mostly of criminals and individuals branded as outlaws by Ishukone Corporation. Even though the Syndicate is known to deal in illegal biotechnologies, they have not been given especially high CEP or DED surveillance priority, as they pose little or no threat to the safety of State citizens.


Several years ago a missile collided with the Palermo Center, a tall business complex in the coastal city of Lex Talionis, New Caldari. The skyscraper was the first planetary headquarters of Omerta Syndicate, a small Ishukone Corporation subsidiary. The blow crippled the corporation, killing pod pilots and planetary personnel alike in a fireball of hatred.

In the summer of 106 the corporation rose again. The president, Vassili Zaitsev, handed over the title of CEO to his niece. Together they reconstructed the Omerta HQ under the name "New Palermo" and began operations in Caldari space.


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The phrase became a hallmark for the corporation: amongst the thousands of slogans that littered the communications channels they had a point of recognition in that simple phrase.

Omerta Syndicate lived by it like law. Every action they took was (in their view) for the betterment of the Caldari State and Ishukone Corporation. Omerta initiated CONCORD sanctioned wars for the defense of assets, their reputation, and to increase profit margins. It soon became apparent that Ishukone had taken exception to Omerta Syndicate's war mongering, sparking fears that Omerta could damage the mega-corporation's reputation as a true "Liberal" corporation. Their disobedience wasn't tolerated for long.

Omerta had been active as an Ishukone subsidiary for 18 months when their headquarters was stormed and ransacked; the New Palermo security force quickly decimated by a ruthless and typically efficient assault. The president scrambled messages to the entire capsuleer division, ordering their immediate dispersal into hiding, fearing Ishukone would take matters further and eliminate the pod pilots too. From then on a hibernation period began, former operatives having scattered across the known universe, finding solace within groups such as Band of Brothers, Jericho Fraction, and the Stain Empire.

Three months on, Ishukone's attention had slowly ebbed away, and the former operatives began emerging from the shadows of lawless space; a wiser, warier group than the previous incarnation. Vassili Zaitsev once again took power as CEO, hoping to motivate his employees by his very presence as leader and set the corporation on a straight path after such an offensive blow. Now disillusioned with the manipulative, power-hungry mega-corporations, but still harbouring the same concern they always had for the Caldari people and love of the Caldari way (a bit twisted to their liking), Omerta Syndicate began operating independently, without a parent corporation and without access to its former home.

Since its beginnings as an almost entirely Caldari-manned organization, fiercely dedicated to its ideals, Omerta has undergone many trials from both within and without, diversified its membership while remaining true to its goals, and above all steadily become a greater and more cunning menace to its enemies.